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Cayman Islands

15 pests in database:

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Diptera (plant parasitic):
Anastrepha suspensa

Hemiptera - Sternorrhyncha:
Aleurocanthus woglumi
Aulacaspis yasumatsui
Diaphorina citri
Phenacoccus madeirensis
Phenacoccus parvus

Cactoblastis cactorum
Phyllocnistis citrella
Spodoptera frugiperda

Other insect orders (plant/storage pests):
Coptotermes gestroi
Coptotermes havilandi
Gryllus assimilis
Solenopsis invicta

Other pests:
Iguana iguana

Veterinary/medical pests:
Aedes aegypti
Aedes albopictus
Culex quinquefasciatus