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Linda Baumann, MyLo Ly Thao, C. Joel Funk, Bryce W. Falk, James C.K. Ng, and Paul Baumann
Sequence analysis of DNA fragments from the genome of the primary endosymbiont of the whitefly Bemisia tabaci
Current Microbiology 48 (1), 77-81 (2004)

James C.K. Ng, Tongyan Tian, and Bryce W. Falk
Quantitative parameters determining whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) transmission of Lettuce infectious yellows virus and an engineered defective RNA
Journal of General Virology 85 (9), 2697-2707 (2004)

James C.K. Ng, and Bryce W. Falk
Bemisia tabaci transmission of specific Lettuce infectious yellows virus genotypes derived from in vitro synthesized transcript-inoculated protoplasts
Virology 352 (1), 209-215 (2006)

Nida' M. Salem, Angel Y.S. Chen, Ioannis E. Tzanetakis, Chawin Mongkolsiriwattana, and James C.K. Ng
Further complexity of the genus Crinivirus revealed by the complete genome sequence of Lettuce chlorosis virus (LCV) and the similar temporal accumulation of LCV genomic RNAs 1 and 2
Virology 390 (1), 45-55 (2009)

Marcella Teixeira, Noa Sela, James Ng, lare L. Casteel, Hsuan-Chieh Peng, Sadia Bekal, Thomas Girke, urad Ghanim, and Isgouhi Kaloshian
A novel virus from Macrosiphum euphorbiae with similarities to members of the family Flaviviridae
Journal of General Virology 97 (5 ), 1261-1271 (2016)

Kenji Kubota, and James C.K. Ng
Lettuce chlorosis virus P23 suppresses RNA silencing and induces local necrosis with increased severity at raised temperatures
Phytopathology 106 (6), 653-662 (2016)


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